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Walls & Lines Workshops

October 09th, 2018 | D B | Swim Fever LLC |


Announcing our next series of Small Group Workshops to be held at Tufts University’s Hamilton Pool. 

This workshop will be a complete walk through of the many concepts and theories relating to how each individual’s body balances and moves through the water when doing push-offs, streamlines and transitions to the surface. These are very important concepts for a swimmer to be aware of at any age. Learning how their specific body reacts to the “gravity of water” directly relates to each individual’s positioning in all of their strokes and streamlines.

These are great workshops for all ages and levels of team swimmers.

Two Separate Sessions:
When: Group Requests
Where: Tufts University Hamilton Pool
Cost: $80.
Participant limit: 8 (will only run if min of 4)
Ages: 8 & up (MUST have previous competitive swimming experience)


If you have interest send us a message below.

Please include their age and swimming experience.