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Know your “H2O Gravity”!

September 15th, 2016 | SwimFever | Swim Fever LLC |


Most human bodies react similarly to “land gravity”. Some may “fly” through the air better than others, but for the most part, no matter how high or fast they climb…physics has taught us that eventually they will come crashing down.

However, in the water bodies are VERY different, and the body works and rides through water very differently than it does on land. Sounds simple, but this is a topic we coaches need to ALL understand better.

Rules of thumb on H2O Gravity:

1) It IS personal. All bodies have different buoyancy ratios. There is no need, in my opinion, to ask why this is. Just consider it a given in our coaching book of rules.

2) Teach your swimmers how to know their personal water gravity variables. All swimmers need to know how their bodies float in different positions. This is very important for them to know how to correct the body position in workouts and races when it is crucial.

3) Bad body position WILL slow you down. Nothing can overcome a body that is not in it’s most ideal position to move that specific body forward in water.

4) See rule #1.


Ok… Great… How do we do this? How can you teach your swimmers, or yourself for that matter, to become more aware of how their/your body moves through and reacts to the water best?

Ahh, now comes the learning part! To teach something you MUST learn it, understand it and know HOW to teach it correct?

We are working on this skill set right now with a group of kids at Bernal’s Gator Swim Club in Boston!

In part II, I will add some of things we are working on, and most importantly WHY we are doing what we are doing!


Part II

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