Swimming technique Clinics in Boston and New England

Swimming Technique Clinics in Boston and New England

May 17th, 2018 | SwimFever | Swim Fever LLC |


Swimming Technique Clinics in Boston and New England


Swim Fever’s workshops provide an excellent and unique opportunity for a great learning experience in small groups with unusually high coach to swimmer ratios.

One of the best learning tools athletes have at their disposal are different opinions. There are many different ways to explain the same process. Just as with an academic tutor, sometimes it takes a different way of teaching the same subject to get the process to “click in” for that particular individual.
At Swim Fever, our workshops are designed to give a complete background and rational technical progression to the topic at hand. Our complete walk-throughs usually include significant time using video replay to show the participants what they are actually doing in real-time.

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