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September 14th, 2013 | SwimFever | Swim Fever LLC |


Why did I leave a career in college coaching,

which I truly loved, to create Swim Fever?

I believe that I can contribute the most to my profession by teaching swimmers what I have learned as well as the “how and why” of stroke technique, which has formed my philosophy of coaching.

Competitively swimming from the age of six through college and then internationally for the USA through the age of twenty-seven was exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.  As most coaches will reiterate, however, an opportunity to coach and contribute to a successful team and the careers of individual swimmers can be more rewarding than a successful personal career.

Over more than a twenty-five year college coaching career I have been privileged to coach at some great universities and alongside multiple talented and experienced coaches. Since then I have come to realize that my contribution to this sport needed to be more than JUST team coaching. This is why I started Swim Fever.

Swim Fever’s mission is to offer an opportunity for competitive swimmers to learn and explore the logic behind what allows their bodies to go forward most effectively in the water. This philosophy centers on teaching the athlete how to become more aware of their body’s movement in the water and how to PRACTICALLY apply those movements effectively to their swimming. While the “story” or “theory” behind how the skill is very important, what is more important is how we APPLY those skills to swim faster and more efficiently.